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Marcus McInerney
Marcus McInerney

There is nowhere else in the world quite like Los Angeles. It posses a mixture of grit and beauty that is like almost no other place in the world. It’s the only city where an A-List actor wins an Oscar, only to take the limo through the In-N-Out drive-thru on the drive home. It’s the only location in the world where the best views are in nature, but they’re actually of urban landscapes. And it is this version of Los Angeles, with its incredible balance of urban authenticity and unique beauty, that we try to capture at Reservoir Partners.


Founded in 2014, Reservoir Partners is focused on both commercial and residential development in Los Angeles, with a passion for bringing elegant modern design to some of the City’s most beloved neighborhoods. At the center of Reservoir Partners is the creative bond between two forward-thinking local entrepreneurs, Marcus McInerney and Eddie Kohan. Born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Marcus became involved in real estate at an early age, after being exposed to deep renovations and commercial sales by his similarly industrious father. 

After attending the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he received a BA in film theory, Marcus went on to first have a successful career in advertising and production. But all along, he continued fixing and selling residential properties in the then-burgeouning Eastside neighborhood of Silver Lake. Then, just before being introduced to Kohan, Marcus shifted his attention to real estate in the area full time, resulting in a series of highly acclaimed projects like Rosey Jones, a collection of seven single family homes in Echo Park that marked he and Kohan’s first collaboration under the Reservoir Partners banner. 

For Kohan, the forming of Reservoir represented one of many impressive achievements in a long and distinguished career. After graduating from USC business school in 1985, Eddie began as a CPA with Price Waterhouse, specializing in taxation. After five years he was recruited by Public Storage to start their in house tax department. Throughout his time with the company, he advised on tax strategies and was instrumental in the restructuring of all of the company’s private placement partnerships. 


But ever since 2011, Kohan has taken on a more active role in renovating, developing and, ultimately, selling residential properties in many of Los Angeles most desirable neighborhoods. And now, through he and Marcus’ work with Reservoir, they have formed a partnership that excels at creating new homes in urban areas that are filled with the kind of inspired designs that high-end buyers are looking for. 


With a growing footprint in such coveted areas as Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Highland Park, Reservoir Partners continues to find the version of Los Angeles that so many of us know and love. And, as they look to a future that will no doubt find them once again striking that unique balance for clients and new homeowners alike, they would love for you to join them.


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